Nine Chuckin' Styles of Throw

MID THROW  -  the most common throw used by axe throwers

SNAP  -  thrown up close by snapping the handle

BASEBALL  -  pitched from way back using full body action

SIDEARM  -  horizontal throw from the side

BACKHAND  -  like the Sidearm but from the other side

UPPERCUT  -  underhand like throwing an uppercut punch

BOWLING  -  underhand like rolling a bowling ball

REVERSE MID  -  like the Mid but with the Tomahawk head pointing backwards so Tomahawk does one and a half spins before sticking

'TWEEN  -  between the legs, like snapping a football

All nine Chuckin' Styles of Throw

are explained in detail in the

Chuckin' Tomahawk Game Package  

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Five Games to Play

9 by 9  -  9 Throws (3 sets) of each of 9 different Chuckin' Styles

Game of 21  -  see who can make 21 points in the least number of Rounds

Top Hawk  -  see how many Points you can make without dropping a Tomahawk

Golf  -  One shot (throw) at each of nine holes (Hawkseyes), scoring from a hole in one to a double bogie

Pinata  -  Bust a Pinata moving across the target face

Chuckin' Tomahawks are assembled by hand and painted by hand

(using Sign Painters 1 Shot paint, the finest available) in the beautiful city of Leduc, Alberta, Canada, the home of Chuckin' Tomahawk. 

The Ductile Iron Heads are ground to equal weight, and the Set Serial Number is etched on the underside of each Head.  The hickory Handles are also equal weight

(outwardly identical handles can range between 200 and 300 grams) and the weight is noted in the Hawk Specs, so if you break a handle it can be replaced. With the variations in handle weight and head weight, you can be assured your set will be a unique One-of-a-Kind set, even if someone else picks the same colors.  Wedges are supplied in the Can o' Things in case your heads come loose. 

Do not throw with loose heads! 

Keep the Info Pack in the Caddy so it will always be there for reference.

Throwing Axes, Hatchets, and Tomahawks, by  Chuckin' Tomahawk

Throwing Axes, Hatchets, Tomahawks,

by Chuckin' Tomahawk

A new Twist on the old art

of Throwing Axes!

Chuckin' Tomahawks are thrown

in sets of Three (like darts),

and with Nine Styles of Throw,

and Five unique Games to play,

we have developed this into an

exciting and challenging sport.

Scoring Chuckin' Tomahawk

1  point  -  For each Tomahawk touching the face of the Target (leaners and hangers can count)

1  point  -  For touching the Bullseye

(3" painted spot)

3  points  -  For touching the Hawkseye

(pop bottle cap)

5 points   -  For making the Hawkseye into two pieces

7 points  -  For touching the Nail holding Hawkseye


Please Enjoy Safely