Throwing Axes, Hatchets, and Tomahawks, by  Chuckin' Tomahawk

Three point shot,

just touching the Hawkseye.

Close, but no cigar.  Not quite touching the Hawkseye or the nail, so scores only 1 point

for hitting the bullseye.

A very rare hanging Tomahawk, but still worth 7 points as it is touching the nail, as shown in the close-up.

A Robin Hood - DON'T DO THIS ! 

This handle was repaired and is still in use.

The Red handle is throwable, but the Black handle is very dangerous.

The Hawk Rest in our Basement Gallery.

Basement Gallery with 7' ceilings !  Lane is 8' wide and 20' long. 

We destroyed this target and replaced it with the one shown to the right.

This is the setup we had at the

Leduc Black Gold Rodeo.

With a little practice you too can become an axepert scoring points on every throw and busting caps regularly.  

Busting a cap is truly a rush and the ultimate challenge not to mention it adds 7 points to your score for the round.

Animations will be replaced with real game video in the very near future.

Watch for our anouncement of live video streaming games on our youtube chanel.

Publicity photo taken way back when we still used Chuckmarks

(the round colored pieces in the Caddy).

Seven point shot ! 

Nailed the nail real good.

Hawkeye with a great throw  -  14 points !  One point for each stick, plus 2 touching

(3 points each), and

one broken cap (5 points)

The Cruise Tomahawk.

This is our Back Yard range.  We added Lane 6 after this picture was taken.  Tomahawks show some of the colors available.

This is the style of target that we sell. 

The plans to build this are included in the Chuckin' Tomahawk Game Package.

Many of the Chuckin' Styles can be thrown from a sitting position.  Chucker with the worst throw fetches all the Tomahawks.